The Photo Booth Boom is taking over America!  Every party, wedding and corporate event wants a Photo Booth so that their guests have fun!  National Photo Booth Franchise has openings in your area for a select entrepreneur.  Start Up and Franchise Cost is around $5000!  Average photo booth rental is $500!  Here is what the start up and franchise breaks down to so its easy to understand the concept....



 You can be flexible with your own hours. Starting your own business allows you to work when it’s best for you. If a set 9-5 schedule doesn’t work you, then change it. Make your own hours that can better the way you run your business.





The Non Compete Form states you can't infringe on other areas or start your own franchise. That doesn't mean you can't have 10 photo booths. You just can't venture to other areas other than your own. The Non Compete Form also states you can not use certain websites to book yourself because these websites target large areas and it would be hard not to infringe on other areas. There are only (2) websites than you can't use. There are 20 - 30 websites that you CAN USE that help keep your calendar full.

There are many free ways to advertise, including Craigslist, Networking and Booking Agencies. I have mastered a way to generate leads and bookings in ANY area in the United States. My company can guarantee you at least 3-4 bookings a month at an average of $400 - $500 per booking! Your initial investment will be paid off usually in 30-45 days!

My company averages 4 Photo Booth Rentals per week in my area at an average of $500 per rental. I have only been in business for 1 year and I already own 5 Photo Booths! That breaks down to almost $100,000 in Gross Yearly Revenue!